Alonzo Demetrius McCoy indicted in Alisha Neeley's murder

Nineteen-year-old Alonzo Demetrius McCoy has been indicted by a Hennepin County grand jury for his alleged role in the Feb. 26 murder of 17-year-old Alisha Neeley.

Police say she took a bullet in the neck outside a house party on North Humbolt Avenue during an act of gang retaliation, after two men opened fire on the group with which she was walking.

According to the criminal complaint, McCoy is a member of the Tre Tre Crips gang, and Neeley was associating with a member of the BTG street gang believed to have shot and killed a Tre Tre Crips member in January.

Some witnesses at the scene said they recognized McCoy as one of the shooters. Another picked him out from photographs. But according to the complaint, ballistics tests don't tie his gun to the bullet that killed Neeley.

At least four members of the BTG and SUB/Scarface gangs were standing near Neeley when she was shot, and some of them told police they thought the bullets were meant for them.

Alisha Neeley. More photos here.
Alisha Neeley. More photos here.

McCoy was also arrested on March 6 when he brought a .380 caliber handgun to Neeley's funeral at New Salem Church in Minneapolis. Owing to a prior drug conviction, he was prohibited from carrying a handgun. McCoy and another man were also charged in the 2007 murder of 14-year-old Charez Jones, but that case never went to trial.

We took a long look at Neeley's death and her membership in the Ladiis girl gang back in May, talking to her friends and family who said they were ready for a truce in the street violence in North Minneapolis.

Sarah Klouda, the teen coordinator at Oak Park Center, told us then that she'd known the Neeley family since she started her job four years ago. And she said it seemed like Alisha was trying to make a break from the gang scene.

"She was right there in our grasp," Klouda said. "She was on the right track."

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