Aloeng Vang killed St. Paul man who confronted him over his reckless driving

Aloeng Vang
Aloeng Vang

Aloeng Vang, 19, has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly shooting and killing his neighbor, Jeffrey Elling, after Elling confronted him over his reckless driving early Sunday morning.

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According to police, Elling, 50, was sitting on the porch of his East Side home on the 1400 block of York Avenue with his girlfriend around 3 a.m. when they observed an animal run across the street. They got off the porch and were attempting to follow the critter when a car raced down York, nearly hitting them. Elling then went to confront the driver, who stopped his car after speeding past the couple.

A Fox 9 report tells the story from there:

Vang got out of the car when Elling went to confront him and pushed him. Vang appeared intoxicated and fell to the ground from the push, charges said. The two men continued to talk, but then Vang went inside 1435 York Avenue and Elling and his girlfriend returned to sit on their front steps.

Several minutes later, a woman approached Elling and asked about the altercation with Vang. Elling said he was upset about Vang's driving, then he and his girlfriend went inside their home. Shortly thereafter, Elling got up to answer the door while his girlfriend sat in the kitchen. As Elling opened the door, his girlfriend heard two shots and the glass front door shatter, then saw Elling fall out onto the front steps and out of view.

Officers arrived and pronounced Elling dead at the scene, a bullet hole at the base of the front of his neck and shirt saturated with blood. His right leg was on the front stoop and left foot inside the home on the entry mat.

According to police, as officers investigated the murder scene that morning, Vang approached them and said, "I'm the guy you're looking for." He said he regretted shooting Elling and "should have just whooped his ass" instead.

KARE 11, citing the complaint, reports that Vang's wife and girlfriend both told investigators he was upset Elling had pushed and "disrespected" him.

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