Allison Torres: I saw Favre's penis sext too

This woman also has something to say about Favre's penis.

This woman also has something to say about Favre's penis.

Brett Farve's sports career looks to be rapidly crumbling into dust, but his fame as the colossally indiscreet owner of an unremarkable penis is only growing.

Favre has already copped to sending former Jets employee Jenn Sterger voicemail invitations to come on over to his hotel room. But he's still denying to NFL investigators that he also sent her lewd texts and photographs of his wang.


Sterger still isn't cooperating with the investigation either, but today Allison Torres, a 24-year-old who knew Sterger when the two were Florida State Cowgirls, weighed in.

Torres told the extremely reputable-looking Steppin' Out Magazine that she was with Sterger when the cock-shots came through, and "we just laughed when he did it."

Sterger's manager, Phil Reese, is dismissing Torres' contribution to the national conversation about Brett's boy-part. Reese told the New York Post, "This is someone who is clearly trying to exploit an unfortunate situation and capitalize on the opportunity to see her name in print."

Regardless of what you make of Torres' claim to have been there at the beginning of the penis crisis that shook the world, at this point we can probably all agree with her assessment of Favre as a "dopey, dopey character."


Below, absolutely not the trashiest photograph of Torres we could find:

The Favre File: