Alliant Tech: Warfare Queen


During these trying economic times, profits are hard to come by. But "consumer confidence" doesn't mean much when your profits derive from government-issued contracts. In which case, you're still sitting pretty. Especially when said government harbors an insatiable lust for war and you just happen to specialize in the production of primate-killing projectiles.

Which brings us to Eden Prairie-based weapons manufacturer Alliant Techsystems, Inc. Last week, the taxpayer-dependent government subsidiary, er, freedom-defending private firm, announced it enjoyed a doozey of a second quarter: Profits shot up by 27 percent! This year's net income, $65 million, surpassed last year's $51 million, thanks to increased ammunition sales.

But while the Bush administration has been a boon to Alliant's profits, the arms maker is hedging its bets: Of the $230,000 Alliant Tech splurged on national campaign contributions this election cycle, 55 percent went to Democrats.