Allen Quist rides into the sunset on dinosaur he believes lived concurrently with humans [CARTOON]

Quist makes a fitting exit from political life.
Quist makes a fitting exit from political life.

Between his unforgettable primary battle with Mike Parry and his general election contest against U.S. Rep. Tim Walz, Allen Quist gave us a lot of fun material.

-- Allen Quist ignores facts, alleges food stamp program discriminates against married couples

-- Allen Quist flip-flops about his research in a Mankato "anonymous sodomy" adult bookstore
-- Allen Quist under renewed fire for 'men are genetically predisposed to lead family' remark

But after losing to Walz by a 58-42 margin on Tuesday, the ride is over. And at 68 years of age, the arch-conservative Quist's career campaigning for elected office probably is too.

So how will the two-time gubernatorial candidate, former college professor, and three-term state Representative be remembered? For local political blogger and cartoonist Ken Avidor, there's no question -- Quist will go down as the guy who truly believed that dinosaurs and human beings lived at the same time.

We told you about this belief of Quist's back in May. From "Arne Carlson on GOP U.S. House candidate Allen Quist: He's 'really bizarre'":

Carlson, asked by Mother Jones' Tim Murphy what he thinks of Quist, said sarcastically that he's a "wonderful, wonderful guy -- one of the great intellectuals of the 21st century." As evidence of his intellectual prowess, consider the online curriculum supplement for K-12 educators put together by Quist. From Mother Jones:

One section asks this leading question: "Did dinosaurs and people live at the same time, and why do so many recently discovered ancient art works accurately picture dinosaurs?" The answer is a resounding "yes." "The only reasonable explanation for the stegosaurus carved in stone on the wall of the Cambodian temple is that the artist had either seen a stegosaur or had seen other art works of a stegosaur," Quist writes. "Either way, people and stegosaurs were living at the same time." Elsewhere, Quist provides scientific evidence for the existence of dragons, and suggests that the Book of Job be taught as a science lesson: "Today we know beyond a reasonable doubt--Job 41 is a picture-perfect description of SuperCroc."

In commemoration of that doozy -- combined with the fact that Quist's three-decade career in Minnesota politics is probably at an end -- Avidor drew the cartoon at the top of this post of Quist riding into the sunset on a dinosaur.

We don't know what's scarier -- that Quist could make a living teaching young adults while obviously having a deep skepticism of mainstream science, or the fact that this guy was the MNGOP's candidate for a congressional seat here in 2012.

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