Alleged Wis. penis-gluing ringleader speaks out on NBC

The alleged Wisconsin ringleader in the Krazy-Glued penis case did an exclusive interview with NBC's Today Show this morning. Therese Ziemann said she was innocent and the three women that Donessa T. Davis was allegedly cheating are on the real victims.

Ziemann and three other women including the man's estranged wife are accused of luring Davis to a motel room where he was tied up and assaulted. Ziemann allegedly glued his penis to his leg with Krazy Glue before all of the scorned women took his belongings and left him naked and tied up in the room.

Ziemann said she was no ringleader and her actions had nothing to do with a personal vendetta against the man. She says she was simply doing it to protect her children. She says she is a "big girl" and has had her heart broken before. Broken hearts don't lead to a glued penis to a leg after all.

Check out her full interview here: