Alleged St. Paul pot dealer charged with attempted murder for shooting cop

Cory Lee's neighbor says he's a pot dealer who was robbed by two guys who showed up at his residence a few weeks ago. Lee subsequently told the neighbor he'd gotten "up" on the robbers, meaning he retaliated against them.

A criminal complaint filed today against Lee doesn't indicate exactly what his retaliation involved, but last Friday police kicked down his door at 615 E. Maryland Ave. in St. Paul because he was wanted in connection with a shooting that took place three days earlier. When they did, Lee allegedly opened fire, shooting a cop in the chest.

-- Pot deal gone wrong leads to St. Paul's first homicide of year

The complaint says a SWAT team member yelled "Police! Search Warrant! Police! Search Warrant!" before trying to ram down the door. It took him multiple attempts to do so, but when he finally did and entered the residence, he was promptly smoked with a bullet. Thankfully, he was wearing a bulletproof vest and escaped uninjured.

The same can't be said for Lee, who was shot in the left bicep by a second officer who entered the residence after his comrade was shot.

According to the complaint, Lee told an officer on the way to the hospital that he started packing heat after the robbery.

Asked why he'd fire on a cop, Lee said, "I was just looking at the door and when I saw the door open I just fired. I thought they were coming in to kill me."

He also said his frightened daughters were in the same room as him when officers entered and he felt compelled to protect them

Authorities later found an Ruger Special 6 .357 Magnum containing an empty shell casing inside his apartment.

Lee's been charged with attempted second degree murder and possession of a firearm by an ineligible person.

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