Alleged prostitute-loving pastor may be off the job

Looks like the pastor busted in a St. Paul online prostitution sting may have been relieved of his duties -- at least according to the Web site.

John Kameron Erbele, 35, was a senior pastor at LifePrint Church, described by the Pioneer Press as a "new-age rock 'n' roll pastor." He just got busted, and his name is already off the Web site.

Glenn Fletcher is now executive pastor and interim senior pastor, according to the church's Web site. Erbele's name is nowhere to be seen on the Meet our Staff page, though his wife, Heather, is still listed as a staff member.

That was quick.

Police say Eberle responded to an online prostitution ad that netted 16 "johns". He was arrested and booked for engaging in prostitution and posted $500 bail Wednesday morning.