Alleged bunny neck-snapper charged


A Minneapolis man has been charged after he allegedly walked into a pet store in Excelsior and killing two bunnies by snapping their necks.

Ryan Carter Hartmann, 31, is charged with felony animal cruelty for the killing of bunnies at Noah's Ark pet store.

This was one of the unsolved cases featured on the Chaska Police's blog to help get more tips from the public. Perhaps it worked out for them.

More from KSTP:

According to the criminal complaint, the man came to the store, spent some time alone near the rabbit cages, purchased one rabbit and left the store in a rush.

Later the manager found two other rabbits dead. An autopsy showed the rabbits' necks were snapped.

Police learned the man had called Noah's Ark from a phone at a nearby SuperAmerica before he visited the pet store. They pulled his picture from surveillance cameras and posted them on their blog.

Police received an anonymous tip and the store manager picked Hartmann out of a photo lineup. What did they find in his home? "Rabbits, the jacket he allegedly wore to the pet store and a page from a phone book with a listing for Noah's Ark." Besides being an alleged bunny killer, he's really bad at hiding evidence. If convicted, he could spend two years in jail and pay $5,000. The Chaska blog where this case was posted features unsolved cases so residents can submit tips to police. This case had been one of their first cases posted on the site.