All-caps writing dick tells Fox 9's Alix Kendall to 'lose 10 pounds'

As you can see, Fox 9's Alix Kendall looks... like someone who doesn't deserve letters from assholes.

As you can see, Fox 9's Alix Kendall looks... like someone who doesn't deserve letters from assholes.

BREAKING: David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, or Idris Elba might secretly live somewhere in the Twin Cities television market.

This we know, because anyone who thinks Fox 9 host Alix Kendall needs to lose weight -- so badly that he has to tell her, directly -- is clearly the fittest, sexiest man alive.

Alternative theory: At least one viewer of  Fox 9's morning show is not only a complete jerk, but he writes one-line all-caps letters to strangers like a nutjob. Strangers who are trying to help him, no less, by telling him what's going on in the world. This week, what's going on in the world is this guy's being a dick. 

On Tuesday, Kendall posted a letter she'd received from a "fan," who sent a note in late April generously giving Kendall advice on how to improve her work on The Fox 9 Morning News: "YOU NEED TO LOSE 10 POUNDS."

Kendall, host of the local wake-up program since its launch in 1999, referred to letters like this as the "'awesome' part of being a news anchor." This was clearly sarcasm, but her Facebook followers then helped prove one actually awesome part, rallying to Kendall's defense by the hundreds.

Kendall was told some variant of "you look great! (heart eyes emoji)" many times over. Turns out this creep's letter backfired, instead leading to Kendall's getting flooded with compliments. She thanked those people in a second Facebook post, which also hinted she tries not to give much of a damn how viewers see her, one way or the other. 

The anchor also addressed the letter on Wednesday morning's "Morning Buzz" broadcast, where, speaking of women in broadcast media, she admitted, "We don't always have thick skins, and this is what, sometimes, we have to deal with." 

It's important to note that on Wednesday morning, Kendall looked... professional. Relatable.

She looked like the kind of person who doesn't need to lose anything, except maybe one viewer who struggles with the use of lower case letters.