Alisha Arnold loses job after BirthOrNot hoax

Alisha and Pete Arnold: She's pregnant and jobless, thanks to her website.
Alisha and Pete Arnold: She's pregnant and jobless, thanks to her website.

BirthOrNot blogger Alisha Arnold is 18 weeks pregnant, and now she's out of job.

Alisha is the wife of Pete Arnold, a right-wing Internet troll who goes by the handle "Zeeboid." Together the Apple Valley couple launched an outrageous website and poll that asks the public to help them decide whether or not to have an abortion.

Her bosses let her go because she was deemed a threat to the company's reputation, and it has asked that employees de-friend her on Facebook.

KSTP got hold of a company-wide memo from executives at Eagan-based software company TempWorks, announcing her termination, and the Facebook directive. Employees were also warned against associating with her via other social networks. The memo described her as "a grave threat to the reputation of the company."

"There's nothing else I can say. I'm just completely shocked. I didn't expect any of this," she told the station.

Right. Because nothing builds brand trust, customer satisfaction and employee loyalty like knowing the person you're dealing with thinks strangers ought to vote in an online poll as to whether you should have an abortion.

@citypages Its ok. Really. Only husbands should be the ones workin'. We all know there is a special place in the home for women.less than a minute ago via web

The Birthornot Files:

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