Alfunda Scruggs smoked crack with Michael Fonta then killed him, police say


Alfunda Scruggs and his girlfriend were smoking crack with Michael Fonta on Feb. 4 when Fonta insulted the woman and Scruggs beat him with his fists and strangled him with a cord before stabbing him in the neck, killing him, police say.

The conflict started when Fonta called the woman, Hope Jackson, a "bitch," according to a statement she gave police after being read her rights. She said Scruggs then told Fonta, "She's my bitch and I'm the only one that can call her that."

Fonta's bloody body was later found face-down in the snow outside their apartment on the 300 block of 8th Street SE by police, having been dragged there by Scruggs once he stopped moving, according to the statement Jackson gave police.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner's office later said that Fonta died of "complex homicidal violence." Scruggs has been charged with first- and second-degree murder.

Scruggs has been charged with first and second degree murder. Jackson has been charged with accomplice after the fact to first degree murder.