Alex Wolters sentenced for stalking Edina kids

Alex Wolters has been sentenced to 180 days in the Hennepin County Workhouse and five years of supervised probation after pleading guilty to two stalking charges related to a creepy incident last year in Edina.

Four times on April 14 last year, Wolters, a Faribault resident, stopped his car and asked four different girls between the ages of 9 and 12 to help him find either the Concord School or Southview Middle School. The criminal complaint says that in at least three cases he urged the girls to get in the car with him and direct him to the schools; twice he pulled into driveways in front of the girls, cutting them off.

Wolters' father, Mark, complained to the Faribault Daily News when his son was arrested that the guy was looking for a tattoo removal specialist in the area, and that he got lost.

"He gets disoriented, he doesn't know how to read a map or anything. He was probably truly lost. I suppose he was panicking because he was lost and didn't want to be late. I imagine he wasn't even thinking that you can't ask kids," he said.

When he was stopped later that day, Wolters told Edina cops that the tattoo removal place he was looking for was at 50th Street and France Avenue near the Minneapolis line -- a couple of miles away. He said he'd made the appointment. When the cops asked him why he was back in the residential neighborhood again after the appointment he trold them he was trying to figure out why he got lost the first time.

Among the worrisome stuff that police found in Wolters' car: Duct tape and condoms.

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