Alessandro Goulart, Brazilian from St. Paul, will compete on 'The Bachelorette'

Alessandro Goulart wants Emily Maynard's corazon
Alessandro Goulart wants Emily Maynard's corazon

Alessandro Goulart will compete for the heart of Emily Maynard on "The Bachelorette" this season, according to ABC.

Goulart is a 30-year old from Uberlandia, Brazil, who currently lives in St. Paul, where he works as a grain merchant. In an interview with ABC, Goulart said he admires his mom most for "being an example for anyone on how to raise a family and for taking such good care of my Dad."

He likes to dance to electronic music and can talk sweet to you in Spanish and Portuguese. Sounds like quite the catch!

Now, that doesn't mean that Goulart is perfect, mind you. He spends "too much money on outdoor gear."

Will Emily Maynard love Alessandro back?
Will Emily Maynard love Alessandro back?

Goulart will be competing for the heart of Ms. Emily Maynard, an attractive blonde from West Virginia who won The Bachelor last year, when Brad Womack chose her on the fifteenth season of that show.

That relationship did not last.

Maynard is a children's hospital event planner who lost her fiance (and high school sweetheart!) in October 2004. Before her fiance died, they conceived a child, Ricki, who Maynard is now raising as a single mother.

The show looks like it'll be pretty intense, according to a preview in Hollywood Gossip. For first impressions, there will be "actual glass slippers," skateboards, a dancing MC, and a suitor who'll arrive in a helicopter.

There will be trips to Croatia, Prague, and London. At the end, the final three competitors will spend the night with Maynard in an undisclosed locations where "there are surprises in store for Emily that will shake her world."

Will Alessandro be able to woo Ms. Emily, and keep her longer than Brad Womack? Will he bring the beautiful young woman back to Minnesota, and make us proud?

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