Alberto Palmer suspected of murdering second young woman, leaving her body in car

From left to right, Brittany Clardy, Alberto Palmer, and Klaressa Cook.
From left to right, Brittany Clardy, Alberto Palmer, and Klaressa Cook.

Brooklyn Park police have identified 24-year-old Alberto Palmer as the prime suspect in the death of Klaressa Cook, whose body was found in the trunk of a gold Lexus towed from a Brooklyn Park grocery store to a Minneapolis impound lot.

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Palmer is already behind bars after being charged with the murder of 18-year-old Brittany Clardy, who was found dead inside a car towed from Brooklyn Park to a Columbia Heights impound lot in February. He was arrested in early March, which means that if he is indeed responsible for Cook's death, then her body had been inside the Lexus's trunk for some time. Workers at Wreckers Services noticed a foul smell emanating from the vehicle and called police, who found Cook's body on May 20.

Police aren't saying why they think Palmer is responsible for the death of Cook, 24, but as the Star Tribune writes, "authorities took the unusual step of releasing Palmer's name before charges were filed to reassure the public that they don't feel there is a risk to broader safety."

Clardy was working as a prostitute at the time of her death, and she and Palmer met through an online sex ad. Though police haven't disclosed any information about the circumstances of Cook's death, it appears she may have been working as a prostitute as well.

The Pioneer Press spoke with Cook's mother, Regina Dean, who lives in Georgia. Dean said Cook, who moved from Georgia to the Twin Cities months before her death, had been working as a prostitute for years.

"She didn't have a problem with doing that to pay her way," Dean said. "I tried all the time to tell her to stop, but she was a headstrong young woman. She would say, 'I can take care of myself, Mom. I'm being careful.'"

At the time he was arrested and charged in connection in Clardy's death, Palmer was wanted in the Atlanta area for kidnapping, false imprisonment, fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, and first-degree assault.

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