Al Jefferson, once a $65 million man, bilked mechanic who pimped his ride

Big Al Jefferson owes Eric Lero.

Big Al Jefferson owes Eric Lero.

When we put Al Jefferson on our cover a few years ago, he was Franschise 2.0. We loved him so much we once named him Best Timberwolves Player.

Now, it sounds like he was actually playing Scrooge.


The former Timberwolves star who once nailed down a $65 million contract was apparently too cheap to pay mechanic Eric Lero and Sub Zero Sounds to pimp his ride.

Lero's business tricked out Jefferson's junk 1989 Chevy Caprice, complete with personalized seats, an X-Box console -- everything. Total cost: $60,000. But Lero tells WCCO that Jefferson never paid the tab -- and maybe never intended to.

"We only got half for a down payment and then he wrote two checks at the end and canceled them a week after he gave them to me."

A judge ordered Jefferson to pay $10,000 in a settlement, which covered Lero's attorney fees. But Lero, who was so jazzed to be doing some cool work for a big shot NBA star, is still pissed.

Can you blame the guy?