Al Jefferson hits back at Sub Zero bilking allegations

Don't mess with his ride.

Don't mess with his ride.

Earlier this week we raised an eyebrow over a story that Al Jefferson, once our Franchise 2.0 player for the Timberwolves, had allegedly bilked local auto mechanic Eric Lero over some high-priced restoration work.

Lero, owner of Sub Zero Sounds, claimed Jefferson had stiff-armed him for tens of thousands of dollars, stopping payment of two checks as the result of court-approved settlement.

Today, Jefferson struck back.


In a counter claim filed today, Jefferson says the reason he stopped payment on the checks was because Sub Zero's work on his 1989 Chevy Caprice -- hubs, wheels, sound system -- was so retrograde that it rendered the car useless, the Business Journal reports.

Lero says he told Jefferson the ride needed extra mechanical work, but Jefferson took the car anyway. But Jefferson denies he was warned about the mechanical issues and says he had to fork over another $40,000 to make the Caprice street legal.

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