Al Garcia, lawyer charged with raping one client, allegedly propositioned others


Al Garcia has already been convicted for accepting drugs as payment for his legal services, but from the sounds of witnesses in court today, he was also more than amenable to taking payment in the form of creepy coerced sex.

Today was the final day of testimony in the rape trial of the defense lawyer and former City Hall insider. Garcia is charged with a cocaine-addled sexual assault on one of his clients in 2008. This morning three women testified that they too had been the targets of Garcia's unwanted sexual attention when meeting with him on legal matters.

One woman said she met Garcia for dinner in 2003 after he agreed to represent her son in a federal drug case. Garcia ordered them appetizers and two rounds of drinks, then asked if she'd "like to see the lights of Minneapolis." He drove her to his downtown office, where he offered her a seat, unzipped his pants, and stuck his penis in her face.

"I did what I was expected to do: Give him a blow job," the witness said. "I was thinking if I said no, how would that affect my son?"

Another witness testified that when she met Garcia in a Maple Grove McDonalds to discuss payment for her son's case, he told her, "I would like to rape you." But the woman added that she didn't feel Garcia was being threatening. "I think he thought it was more enticing," she said.

A third woman told the court that Garcia suggested to her that "We could work something out" in regards to payment for his legal services for her aunt. "I felt he was propositioning me," she said. "I said, 'I don't think so.'"

Closing arguments in the case are scheduled for Monday morning.