Al Franken's stuck with me, Rand Paul tells David Letterman [VIDEO]

Al Franken and Rand Paul, Senate buddies.
Al Franken and Rand Paul, Senate buddies.

In the strangest pairing since Oscar met Felix in The Odd Couple, Al Franken and Rand Paul were thrown together earlier this year by the Senate's mentoring program.

Franken's the mentor, in case you missed it--or were wondering.

So last night, tea party icon Paul paid a visit to David Letterman's Late Show, and told Dave how he's getting along with Franken, an outspoken liberal.

"I'm not sure if he got stuck or I got stuck, but we're in this thing together," Paul said with a laugh. "We're going to try and set a record by seeing how many times we can vote on opposite sides of an issue."

The pairing came about this way: Right after the election, "when Democrats were still cursing me," Paul said Franken got him on the phone to congratulate him and offered to function as Paul's mentor.

Did Franken have any mentoring advice for facing off against Dave?

"Yeah, he said don't," Paul deadpanned.
"He said don't worry. He said he's been on your show," Paul continued. "He said, 'Letterman is not that funny, first of all.' And then he said, 'As long as you're not funnier than him, not a big deal.' But then he also said, 'P.S. Don't tell Letterman I said he's not funny.'

"I may be in trouble now," Paul said.


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