Al Franken's doodle framed on Capitol Hill

Al Franken can doodle with the best of 'em.

Al Franken can doodle with the best of 'em.

We all had a good chuckle at Al Franken's expense when he tried to keep himself awake during those boring Elena Kagan Supreme Court hearings by sketching.

Well, his likeness of Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions is now framed and decorating Sessions' office on Capitol Hill.

Franken and Sessions had a good chuckle over the photo that an Associated Press photog snapped of Franken this summer.


Franken gifted his artwork to Sessions, and their staffs snapped a picture of the hand-off. Then Franken asked Sessions--the men are miles apart in political views--for permission to hang the photo in his own office.

"I know the photo presents the strong suggestion that we like each other," Franken wrote. "If you're comfortable with that, I'd be honored to have it up in a permanent place in our office," Franken wrote.

He got a yes. Check the photo of the happy Senators out here, at the Alabama newspaper.

We'll see if Sessions re-gifts the doodle.