Al Franken will rescue net neutrality after he deals with his in-laws

For months now, Sen. Al Franken has used every available microphone to warn about the dire future of net neutrality.

So you'd think he might stick around when FCC commissioners showed up in his hometown to hear regular folks' worries about having to live off ISP table scraps while corporations suck up bandwidth and censor information.

It's the First Amendment issue of our time, he says. "How long do you think it will take before four or five mega corporations effectively control the flow of information in America not only on television but online?"

But no. After welcoming them to town by asserting, "We can't let companies write the rules that they're supposed to follow," (video below) he begged off listening to public comments.

What's more important than free speech in a democratic society?

"I gotta go. My mother-in-law and my sister-in-law are in town," he told the audience. Then he split. Here's the video of his Kanye moment:

Here's video of his speech:

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