Al Franken weighs in on Santa race controversy: "Maybe, you know, he's Jewish" [AUDIO]

'Tis the season... for arguments about Santa's race?
'Tis the season... for arguments about Santa's race?

Earlier this month, Fox News host Megyn Kelly raised eyebrows with a rant about Santa's race.

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In response to a Slate column written by a woman whose family celebrated Christmas with a black Santa, Kelly said, "Santa just is white... Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn't mean it has to change."

Here's video of her entire rant:

This holiday season, Al Franken organized a bipartisan "Secret Santa" gift exchange for senators. Asked by NPR why he wanted to do that, Franken, with his tongue planted firmly in cheek, weighed in on the Kelly controversy.

"Well, why not?" Franken said. "You know, there's been a lot of controversy about the ethnicity of Santa lately, and, maybe, you know, he's Jewish too. Maybe he's Jewish."

Here's the NPR audio:

As live-and-let-live types, we're fine with Santas of all shapes, sizes, and colors -- black Santas, Jewish Santas, hell, even Bad Santas. Whatever you prefer.

h/t -- Talking Points Memo

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