Al Franken reads mean tweets he got about Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

This being Minnesota, most of the tweets aren't even that mean.

This being Minnesota, most of the tweets aren't even that mean.

DFL U.S. Sen. Al Franken is one of 40 Democratic senators to endorse Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. That's all but six of the current Democratic caucus. The only member of the remaining half-dozen who's endorsed Bernie Sanders is Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont. 

Franken is joined in his Clinton support by DFL U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, as well as Gov. Mark Dayton and several Democratic members of Congress from this state. Still, that might not be enough to get Clinton the victory in Minnesota.

Sanders is making a hard play for the state, and it's generally viewed one of his best chances to pick up delegates on Super Tuesday. (Without Minnesota, Massachusetts, Vermont, and a number of shocking upset wins for Sanders, the campaign's all over after next week.)

It seems Franken's endorsement isn't sitting well with everyone on Twitter, usually a font of polite, informed political discourse. Borrowing a page from Jimmy Kimmel Live, Franken filmed an online campaign ad for Clinton that features him reading off some of the meanest tweets he's received for using the #HillaryforMN and #ImWithHer hashtags.

"Franken is plugged into the establishment matrix," goes one tweet.

"That sounds painful... and it was," Franken deadpans. "It was part of the enhanced interrogation techniques they did during the Bush administration. Thank God we stopped plugging people into the establishment matrix."

Turns out he's still got it as a comic. His skill as a Minnesota political pundit will be revealed on Tuesday.