Al Franken grills Jeff Sessions on his puffed-up 'civil rights' record [VIDEO]


Jeff Sessions is going to be your next Attorney General, America.

The confirmation process meant to vet the Alabama U.S. senator is little more than a formality. Sessions only needs to get the support of Republicans; as a four-term member of the Senate Republican caucus, you can safely assume he's got the votes.

The most the Demcoratic minority can do now is point out why some of Donald Trump's appointees are so deeply troubling. They're like wildlife officers whose only authority is tagging rabid animals and letting them go. 

If Jeff Sessions turns up prowling the woods and foaming at the mouth, don't say Al Franken didn't warn you.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday morning, the DFL U.S. senator spent 10 minutes grilling Sessions about some glaring inconsistencies in the senatuh's civil rights record. Specifically, Sessions has recently made some bold claims about his involvement in four cases -- three voting rights and one school desegregation -- that arose during his time as U.S. attorney for Alabama in the 1980s.

In a questionnaire completed prior to the hearing, Sessions said he "personally" handled the cases, a claim that has been refuted by none other than the people who actually did handle them. Three attorneys penned an op-ed for the Washington Post, writing: 

"[Sessions] did what any U.S. attorney would have had to do: He signed his name on the complaint, and we added his name on any motions or briefs. That’s it."

Franken did his homework, and brought their counter-claims to Sessions' attention. Their exchange was contentious, and Sessions seemed more flustered than he had at any other time during the committee meeting.Then Franken's time was up, and he closed saying, "Our country needs an attorney general who doesn’t misrepresent or inflate their level of involvement on any given issue, so I consider this serious stuff."

Then the committee moved on to a friendlier line of questioning from one of Sessions' fellow Republicans, and Franken's righteous confrontation was swiftly forgotten. A New York Times headline says Democrats have have "done little to undermine" Trump's attorney general pick.