Al Franken goofs in the Senate again

Al Franken got into blooper territory while presiding over the Senate yesterday. First, he blasted classical music over the speakers. Then he yelled "Oh God!" when he mixed up some states. Gotta love the comic relief on a boring day.

Franken's gaffe: He was sitting in as presiding officer of the chamber when he recognized New Mexico Sen. Tom Udall as the "senator from Utah."

It can be hard keeping those Udalls straight. Tom is the nephew of the late Mo Udall, an Arizona congressman who once ran for president. Mo's brother Stewart Udall was also congressman from Arizona. And Mo's son Mark Udall is now a congressman from Colorado.

But where Franken came up with Utah is anyone's guess. And Tom Udall reminded Franken he's from New Mexico.

"Oh, God," Franken said. "I'm sorry."

"The senator from New Mexico," Franken said. Here's that moment:

It isn't the first time Franken has provided comic relief in the chambers. Earlier this year, Franken appeared to be dozing off as then-Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan testified.

He also doodled during Kagan's testimony, sketching a pretty decent likeness of Sen. Jeff Sessions.

But our favorite Franken blooper has got to be the time when Franken mocked Sen. Republican Leader Mitch McConnell by rolling his eyes, making faces, and throwing around hand gestures.

"This isn't Saturday Night Live, Al," McConnell complained.

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