Al Franken follows in Michele Bachmann's footsteps as the subject of a comic book


Rep. Michele Bachmann has been rendered in comic book form, and not in a particularly flattering fashion. Now it's Sen. Al Franken's turn. Jerome Maida, of Bluewater Productions, has authored "Political Power: Al Franken." It's out in May.

Maida seems to be the same guy mentioned in this Philadelphia-area blog: He authors comics, and writes about them as well. In an official statement on the comic's Web site, Maida says he found Franken to be "a character instead of a caricature."

He's good enough, he's smart enough, but doggone it, he looks a little bit too much like Stuart Smalley here. And hey, how come this kind of thing never happens to John Kline, or Amy Klobuchar. Surely there's something comic about them?

In case anyone's wondering, the publisher has also put out "political Power" titles on Ronald Regan, Colin Powell, and Barack Obama.