Al Franken finds a hole in his condo window

Writing a headline over a story about what might be a hole shot in the window of Al Franken's downtown Minneapolis condo is tricky business. After all, we've had more than 30 homicides in Minneapolis this year, and a lot more shootings to boot. If someone shot at the senator's window, that's news.

But as MPD spokesman Sgt. Bill Palmer tells the AP, if the hole Franken found had come from an actual bullet, it would have almost certainly pierced the double-paned window all the way through -- and that didn't happen.


Fox 9: "Sen. Al Franken's Window Shot" ("Someone possibly shot a pellet through one of his windows.")

KSTP: "Window In Franken's Condo Hit By Shot" ("The shot left a BB-sized hole in one of the condo's windows.")

Franken and his wife found the hole after returning home from a trip, and reported it to police. Nobody was hurt. No property inside was damaged.

It's tempting blow the whole thing off. Maybe Franken's home is under attack from a mad teabagger exercising his Second Amendment rights with a peashooter.

Then again, maybe not. Some BB guns, although toys, have a little bit of power. We read about one pistol that uses CO2 cartridges to shoot a pellet up to 150 metres per second and it looks a bit threatening.

Minneapolis and U.S. Capitol police are investigating.

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