Al Franken feeds crystal meth to his pet ferret!

I received an interesting fundraising solicitation from Sen. Norman Coleman this morning. It primarily focuses on challenger Al Franken:

You see, Franken is trying to clean up his act. Reinvent himself. He's cut down on the profanity. Instead of cussing out Republicans he now calls for bipartisanship. Instead of crude jokes about political opponents, he talks civility.

Liberal donors from across the country get the joke. They know that, if elected, the venomous, deeply partisan Al Franken they know and love will come out on the floor of the U.S. Senate. The same Al Franken who said we should "force the President to cut off funding for the troops", advocates government run healthcare, and talks about stripping away a worker's democratic right to a secret ballot! Donate!

And then there's this gem:

America simply can't take another Senator on the far fringes of the left, with folks like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and the Hollywood liberal crowd. Al Franken is a dangerous opponent, and a left-wing ideologue who will say, do, and spend whatever it takes to win.

Apparently only loyal Republican donors received the solicitation that mentions Franken's NAMBLA endorsement and pro-bestiality stance. Is there any question who Coleman wants to face in the general election?