Al Franken and Hillary Clinton make top of Drudge, still no one cares


Al Franken's campaign rally with Sen. Hillary Clinton is top-page news over at the Drudge Report:

Hillary invokes 'vast right-wing conspiracy' at Franken rally...

While it's absolutely hilarious (and pretty true), his opinion and commentary doesn't carry the same weight it once did.

Gawker recently updated readers on the lack of power Drudge now has:

For years, one man controlled all the news: Matt Drudge, nutty conservative weather-obsessed Miami queen blogger. He "broke" the Monica Lewinsky thing, sort of, and then for nearly ten years his website drove news narratives and pushed stories to the forefront.

Since the conventions, though, he's been an embarrassment. He highlights completely misleading bullshit and can't get anyone but the dumbest of bloggers to pick up on his pet stories.

Drudge has become so divorced from reality that even the serious press people who've religiously trusted his instincts since the Clinton days can't square his headlines with reality.

He's completely, completely missed, by design, the major narratives of the last month of the campaign: Palin's national meltdown, the increasingly crazed McCain rallies, and Obama's fundraising and ground advantages. Instead we get... Biden on Botox, a little ACORN, and feeble attempts at finding crazy liberals attacking McCain supporters. They all work like a charm on the Conservative Blogosphere, but back in the good old days, that was just the first step toward mainstream discussion. Now, no one gives a shit.

We still love poking fun at Clinton though and it seems Drudge hasn't given up on the Clinton bashing either.

She even did a campaign ad for her BFF:

Isn't the point of the Senate to have some kind of compromise instead of Democratic domination? It's a little frightening to be advocating for a veto-proof majority which goes against the whole idea of this thing called "working together".