Ajalon Corcoran appeals cat killing to the MN Supreme Court

I can haz upheld conviction?

I can haz upheld conviction?

An 11-year-old girl was out playing in her yard when she looked across the street and saw her beloved cat Sauki staggering toward her with an arrow sticking out of her stomach. Sauki was put down later at the vet.

The shooter was 22-year-old Ajalon Thomas Corcoran, who is now appealing his cat killing conviction to the Minnesota Supreme Court. Thing is, he totally admits offing Sauki.


According to Corcoran, Sauki had been a very naughty kitty, coming into his yard to eat birds and lay pipe. So naturally, it made sense to get out a small game bow and arrow and try to plug her in the lung. He missed by a few inches.

But instead of just taking the three weeks in jail, Corcoran has been appealing his felony conviction.

He argues he didn't know Sauki was a pet. He's worried this will open up the floodgates for red blooded, rural Minnesotans to be brought up on felony charges for killing raccoons and rabbits that might later on be proven to be pets (What?). Knowing whether Sauki was a stray is, apparently, the difference between a reasonable response to a cat in one's yard and a worrisomely psycho overreaction.

Well, a three-judge appeals court has already disagreed with that logic, so Corcoran now wants the Minnesota Supreme Court to decide.

Another heady day weighing the scales of justice.