A.J. Pierzynski calls Nick Blackburn a "piece of shit" [VIDEO]

Please, A.J., tell us how you really feel about Mr. Blackburn.
Please, A.J., tell us how you really feel about Mr. Blackburn.

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A.J. Pierzynski certainly likes to talk the talk. This year, more than ever, he's backing his words up with a big, ball-crushing bat.

Not only did Pierzynski go deep for the second consecutive game during Francisco Liriano's first start for the White Sox -- a ninth-inning two-run blast that scored the winning runs in a tight 4-3 tilt -- but he managed to entertain fans everywhere by getting caught on camera calling Twins pitcher Nick Blackburn a "piece of shit" after he scored the tying run in the seventh inning.

Before you feel bad for the beleaguered Blackburn -- whose eight strong innings last night lowered his ERA to a still-ghastly 7.43 -- consider what Deadspin's Timothy Burke had to say about Pierzynski's diss.

"Blackburn's ERA+ coming into the game was 51, so he sort of is a piece of shit. BRB, changing headline to 'A.J. Pierzynski offers Twins pitcher accurate assessment,'" he wrote.

At age 35, and almost a decade removed from the last time he donned a Twins uniform, Pierzynski is having the best season of his career. His 18 home runs have already tied a career high, and his Willingham-like slugging percentage of .525 is 70 points above his second-best mark.

Without further ado, here's the footage:

So, to recap, last night Pierzynski scored the tying run, hit a dramatic two-run homer in the ninth to win the game, and got caught on camera calling a long-disappointing and overpaid Twins pitcher a P.O.S. Talk about giving fans their money's worth!

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