Ahmed Farah Hirsi sentenced in bat attack on Edwin Daniel

The attack on Edwin Daniel.

The attack on Edwin Daniel.

The fourth and last of the four thugs who beat Edwin Daniel with baseball bats in May at a Super America in St. Paul won't be bothering law-abiding citizens for 3 ½ years.

Twenty-one-year-old Ahmed Farah Hirsi was sentenced after pleading guilty in November to aiding and abetting second-degree assault.


Cops say Hirsi and three other men attacked Daniel because he'd had the decency to try and intervene when they were harassing a female clerk at the Super America where he stopped regularly while driving an airport shuttle.

A few days after his Good Samaritan act, he stopped by the store again, only to find the beat-down crew waiting for him with bats. Their attack was caught on security cameras.

The beating was so severe, that Daniel, 41, suffered a skull fracture, smashed vocal chords, a black eye and plenty of stitches. Adding insult to injury, someone broke into Daniel's car and apartment while he was in the hospital.

Ibrahim Abdullahi, 22, and Abdiaziz Hirsi, 22, were each previously sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison. A fourth man, Zakaria Yusuf, 21, pulled a six-month sentence for his role as lookout.