Again: The Convention is in St. Paul

If that fact that mainstream journalists have mixed up Minneapolis and St. Paul during RNC talk isn't embarrassing enough; or the point that a study aimed at

convention safety

was focused on the wrong place; or, even better yet, our own U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann misstated the


for one of the biggest events ever to occur in this state, the Republican National Convention; last week our own Governor and potential Republican Vice Presidential nominee made the same annoyingly common gaffe.

Hopefully, it's not personal. (Check out veto number four in Jonathan Kaminsky's "Tim Pawlenty: Governor No.")

Pioneer Press reporter Bill Salisbury notes:

Gov. Tim Pawlenty has joined the long list of famous people who have misplaced the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. In an interview Thursday night on CNN, the governor was impressing host Glenn Beck with his political views, prompting this exchange:

Beck: "I swear to you, I'll even buy you dinner. Governor, thanks a lot." Pawlenty: "When you come to Minneapolis for the convention send some of that good..." Beck: "I don't think I'm coming. No. I don't think they like me in Minneapolis."

Pawlenty, a South St. Paul native who works and lives — at least part-time-- in St. Paul.

He attends many Minnesota Wild hockey games at St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center, where the convention will be held, and he helped persuade the Republican National Committee to hold its convention there.

Today acknowledged that he made a mistake.

"When he speaks about the convention, Gov. Pawlenty typically refers to Minnesota, since St. Paul, Minneapolis, Bloomington and several other cities are all playing a role," Pawlenty spokesman Brian McClung said. "In this case the governor misspoke."

Let's say it one last time: THE CONVENTION IS IN ST. PAUL.

The city's communication staff even has a form letter for those that need reminders.

Someone send that to the Governor's office. You know, that one in St. Paul.

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