After Vikings blowout, someone tried selling 'brand new' U.S. Bank Stadium on Craigslist

Know anyone with $1 billion lying around and a good idea for U.S. Bank Stadium?

Know anyone with $1 billion lying around and a good idea for U.S. Bank Stadium?

The Minnesota Vikings' once promising season effectively vanished before their eyes Sunday afternoon.

And in excruciating fashion: The Vikings gave up 10 points to the Indianapolis Colts in the first quarter and 17 more in the second, all unanswered, for a 27-0 scoreline at halftime. The celebrated return of Adrian Peterson was barely noticeable -- Peterson finished with 22 yards on just six carries -- save for an early fumble inside the Colts' 10 yard line.

The loss of injured safety Harrison Smith was all too noticeable, as the Vikings previously sterling pass defense let Colts players run unguarded all over the field.

With a win, Minnesota would've stayed even with the Green Bay Packers and gained a game on the division-leading Detroit Lions. Instead, with two games to play, the Vikings' playoff chances are now vanishingly small. It was the year's most crucial moment, and the Vikings were never really in it.

At least fans can still have their sense of humor, cruel though it might be. Earlier this year, a fan took out his or her frustrations about (now-former) Vikings kicker Blair Walsh, posting a Craigslist ad saying the team was hiring for a new kicker.

Yesterday, in a (since-removed) post, some Craigslist prankster is trying to hire a whole new team -- or at least a business that would make better use of U.S. Bank Stadium.

"We just had this stadium built for over a billion dollars," the ad begins, "but aren't really using it. It was originally designed for an NFL team that decided they didn't want to play football anymore."

The ad goes on to suggest that the arena could be converted into a "new Super-Target or a really nice Vegas-style casino," before wisely joining City Pages in the food trough revolution: "Maybe even a Golden Corral buffet!" 

The ad closes:

"If you have a spare billion dollars lying around, or are willing to mow someone's lawn for a couple of weeks in the spring to work it off, we should talk! 
*Serious inquiries only*
(would also make a great crater if you decide to blow it up)
**Will also consider trade for a REAL football team


Though, admittedly, this whole "great crater" idea is a new one, and hasn't received nearly the discussion it deserves. Maybe they can charge high prices for premium seats to watch the implosion. 

Is a giant crater in downtown Minneapolis a good long-term public investment? Perhaps not.

Is the stadium?

Recall that back in September, the most popular nickname among City Pages readers for U.S. Bank Stadium was "Valhalla," for the heavenly afterlife accorded to legendary viking marauders. But the most popular answer for what we should call the stadium? "A bad use of taxpayer money."

Check out the full Craigslist ad below.