After Monday's murder, is Lake Calhoun safe?

After Monday's murder, is Lake Calhoun safe?
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Memorial Day weekend--what better time to lie on the shores of Lake Calhoun? Unless, of course, you might be risking your life...

Police are apparently getting a lot of contacts from people concerned about the safety of the city's central gem, because the 5th precinct sent out a message today assuring that Monday night's homicide isn't indicative that the lake is becoming more dangerous -- it could have happened anywhere. Police have already said that the slaying of Derrick Gregory Martin on Monday night on the Lake Calhoun bike path was part of an ongoing gang war. Martin was from Brooklyn Park and had no connection to the neighborhood.

Here's exactly what police sent out today:

The safety and wellbeing of the residents and those who enjoy this area are of the utmost concern. We feel that the incident could have occurred anywhere and happened to occur at that location. We feel that this was an isolated incident and should not dissuade the community from enjoying the beauty of the lakes. There will be increased patrol presence in the area to further that goal.

Martin was the 20th person to be murdered this year, pushing this year's total over last year's already, in just the first five months of the year.

Police are asking anyone with information about the May 24 killing to call the Minneapolis TIPS Line at 612-692-TIPS (8477).

Here are the other homicides this year in Minneapolis:

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