After Judge Judy taping, Minnesota women duke it out in a bar


Two women from Eagan who used to be roommates got into a fist fight at an Apple Valley bar last week after appearing on Judge Judy's TV courtroom show.

On the show, Judge Judith Sheindlin ruled against a claim by Amanda Lindstrom, 24, who says Krystal Hodgin, 26, stole clothes and owes her money for unpaid bills.

KSTP reported that late Thursday night at Panino Brothers the pair's disagreement turned  physical.

Lindstrom says she was on the way to the bathroom when Hodgin took a swing at her. Fists flew. Lindstrom's connected. Hodgin's cheek was cut. And Lindstrom ended up charged with misdemeanor domestic assault.

"She kind of blind sided me. Kind of a sucker punch," Hodgin tells the TV station.

Having lost the case with Judge Judy, and then getting arrested, "I'm kinda looking like the bad guy here," Lindstrom says.