After historic weather, Minneapolis heat index to hit 114 today

Today's is the highest predicted heat index since Sunday.

Today's is the highest predicted heat index since Sunday.

The last day of the heat wave suffocating the city might turn out to be the worst.

Yesterday was unofficially the most humid day in the history of the city, with an 82-degree dew point reading at the airport in late afternoon. The airport measure of a 118-degree heat index, registered at 2:30 p.m., tied a record that goes back to 1966.

Today the National Weather Service is predicting a high heat index of 114 degrees in Minneapolis, the highest predicted "feels like" temperature since the sweltering atmosphere rolled into town on Sunday.

Yesterday's madness was at least interrupted by a brief, powerful storm that ripped through the metro and dropped the temperature. Today there will be nothing but sun, heat, wind, and desperation.


As with Monday and Tuesday, the city will heat up all morning and hit high temperatures early in the afternoon.

The excessive heat warning from the Twin Cities branch of the National Weather Service is in place until 9:00 p.m. tonight, meaning that children, the elderly and pets should stay inside or at least be kept on a leash.

Fortunately, Minnesota's got something to look forward to. The extreme heat that's ruined the Midwest's week is moving East. Soon, Philadelphia, Boston and New York will feel our pain, and we can laugh maniacally at their misery. That's if any of us are still alive after today.