After bailing on wounded deer, Pawlenty finds himself a target

​When Gov. Tim Pawlenty lost track of that buck he shot last week, and left it to his hunting buddies to track it down while he flew off for a political speech in Iowa, we began to ponder the degree to which the wounded creature might come back to bite him in the political butt.

With that in mind we bring you this gem of a post from a site called

What kind of slob hunter goes out opening morning and shoots a deer knowing full well you won't have time to retrieve it or tend to it? One whose presidential ambitions override his hunting ethics, that's what kind. I hope all you hunters out there remember this sorry episode when Tim Pawlenty comes looking for your support in 2012. Minnesota doesn't need any more slob hunters like Pawlenty, and we certainly don't need one in the White House.


This is probably not what the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association, Explore Minnesota Tourism and the Minnesota DNR had in mind when they sponsored the annual Governor's Deer Hunting Opener on Wally Sparby's land near Thief River Falls.

But at least it's bi-partisan bad p.r. -- Sparby is a Democrat who served six terms in the Minnesota House and who now works for U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson.