Advice: Never, ever get into a Twitter fight with Isaiah Breen

Isaiah Breen/Twitter

Isaiah Breen/Twitter

Some news of note, for those of you tracking personnel moves in the public relations industry of the Twin Cities. 

DFL U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison's former press secretary Isaiah Breen has joined Jewish Community Action of Minnesota, where he will serve as the nonprofit advocacy group's communications director.

OK, enough with the boring shit. Let's get to these tweets.

On Thursday, Breen wished a sincere goodbye to Ellison, his employer in Washington, D.C. for four years. This he did with a photo of the two of them lookin' like cool guy buddies.



That announcement got a lot of reaction from Breen's 6,000-some followers, some of whom had apparently missed his July announcement about moving to Minneapolis, or his "pinned" tweet that showed Ellison was hiring for his replacement.

Breen filled them in -- in his own way, by jokingly stating he'd been fired for making fun of Jamie Kirchik and Eli Lake, journalists with the New Republic and Bloomberg, respectively.

This went over... weirdly. Some people took it very seriously, none more so than Adam Kredo, a writer for the Washington Free Beacon, who treated Breen's tweets like a developing news story; Breen, in turn, treated Kredo like a puppet whose gaping mouth Breen was stuffing with both of its feet.

Within a couple hours, Breen (backed by his friends and followers, who both get and like his sense of humor) had weathered numerous challenges from Kredo, Lake, and other challengers.

Viewed in hindsight, it's like that scene in the movie where the guy's walking down an alley and is suddenly set upon by a pack of would-be assassins, and then a few seconds later all those guys are on the ground, and the main guy's walking out the other side of the alley rubbing his knuckles. 

See for yourself.






There are two takeways from this. One, Isaiah Breen is moving to the Twin Cities full-time, and we can therefore only expect to hear more of him as relates to things happening in the local Twitter environment. (Dear God, just imagine the #ControversialTwinCitiesTakes Isaiah's going to have for your not-ready asses.) 

And two? This account is not to be fucked with lightly.

Consider laughing at it. It's what everyone else is doing. Almost everyone, anyway.