Adult fail: Extreme homecoming pranks spoiled by schools, police

Adult fail: Extreme homecoming pranks spoiled by schools, police
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We always thought the yearly high school homecoming pranks were all in good fun. So you wake up and there is sloppy toilet paper covering your lawn and trees. Or ketchup smeared across your sidewalk. Or kids shooting each other with paintball guns. Deep breath, folks. Try to have a little fun.

Some kids find the traditional pranks a little boring. And why not up the prank if you've got parents willing to drive you around and speed off from the scene when you've committed the crime? Bring on the spray paint, bleach, cow entrails, garbage, horse manure, and animal carcasses! It's on.

Until the schools and police spoil all the fun.More from the Pioneer Press:

In Jacobson's case, it turned out to be a group of kids with paintball guns firing at another group that was toilet-papering homes, according to what police told neighbors.

Area schools have reported incidents of fish being left in mailboxes; ketchup, mustard and spray paint used on homes; and bleach, cow entrails, old computers and garbage being dumped on lawns.

In Wisconsin, things got so out of hand this fall that a resident of the village of Stratford reported having a deer carcass placed in his car and horse manure piled in the trunk, according to the Marshfield News-Herald.

So all these adults get pissed. And then it really ruins all the fun. Students getting suspended and Central High School canceling Pep Fest this week. Unfortunately school officials failed to realize that school-sponsored Homecoming activities are so controlled and tame that no one even cares if they exist. Example: During our days at South High School in Minneapolis, the administration "banned" class colors during "school pride day". So every student, even if they didn't care about their pride in the junior class, wore red because it was banned. And then classes were so riled up they started beating on each other.

The sole purpose of Homecoming week is to give students an excuse to do really dumb things to make up for the mind-numbingly painful school songs and chants in preparation for the football game no one wants to go to.

In other words, school activities get lame and students get crazier on their own. Adults fail again.

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