Adrian Peterson's redesigned Vikings jersey is one of the NFL's hottest sellers [IMAGE]

You're looking at the hottest non-QB jersey in the NFL right now.
You're looking at the hottest non-QB jersey in the NFL right now.

If you needed another piece of evidence that it was smart for the Vikings to redesign their jerseys, here it is: Adrian Peterson's uni is now one of the hottest sellers in the league.

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Peterson's number 28 was the 4th hottest seller on between April 1 and the end of last month, only trailing quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, and Robert Griffin III, respectively.

In an email to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Vikings spokesman Jeff Anderson attributed Peterson's strong sales showing to a variety of factors.

"Generally, we have seen an increase in merchandise sales from recent years, which we believe is a combination of the 2012 season, the offseason signings and draft picks, and the new uniforms," Anderson wrote. "But while we have seen a tremendous amount of fan interest in the new Vikings uniforms, it would be speculative on our part to attribute the recent high number of Adrian Peterson jersey sales to the uniform change."

"Adrian is coming off an unprecedented performance in 2012, he continues to be an outstanding representative of the Vikings and the NFL both on and off the field, and his popularity around the country is still growing -- all of which is likely leading to his jersey being a top seller," Anderson continued.

Just don't expect to see a Pride rainbow-colors version of AP's Vikes uni manufactured anytime soon.

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