Adrian Peterson's brother arrested in Eden Prairie as part of pot dealing investigation

Ashton Stevenson's mugshot following his arrest last month.
Ashton Stevenson's mugshot following his arrest last month.

On May 31, one of Adrian Peterson's 14 siblings, Ashton Stevenson, was arrested in Eden Prairie as part of a Southwest Metro Drug Task Force marijuana dealing investigation.

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But Stevenson wasn't charged with a crime and ended up being released from custody 72 hours later. The reason? He never opened a box of pot that an officer, posing as a FedEx employee, delivered to his townhouse.

News of Stevenson's arrest was broken by Fox 9's Tom Lyden, who reports that the chain of events culminating in the arrest began when officers opened a package sent by FedEx from "a nonexistent address in Sacramento to a town home on Regency Lane in Eden Prairie under the name Allen Greene, a person who apparently doesn't exist in Minnesota." In fact, the residents of the town home are Stevenson and his girlfriend.

It's unclear why police opened the package in the first place, but once they realized it had pot inside it and was to be delivered to Stevenson's home, they decided to attempt the aforementioned sting operation.

Hours after the package was dropped off by the cop posing as a FedEx driver, officers returned with a search warrant. While they did find a small amount of marijuana and an electronic scale in the town home, the package of pot sat unopened in the trunk of Stevenson's Mercedes. Lyden writes that charges weren't filed "because it would be difficult for prosecutors to show what they call 'constructive possession' without him opening the box," but the investigation is ongoing.

According to Fox, AP pays his brother's rent, but he might have to start writing the checks to a different landlord soon, as the town home's owner is trying to evict Stevenson and his girlfriend following the May 31 raid.

Stevenson, who was previously arrested for pot possession in Texas and a domestic disturbance in Minnesota, told Fox, "This type of nonsense I don't need on my background or my brother's."

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