Adrian Peterson sued earlier this year for not paying child support, TMZ reports

Erica Syion (right) is the mother of Adrian Peterson's four-year-old son.

Erica Syion (right) is the mother of Adrian Peterson's four-year-old son.

Adrian Peterson was sued in April for not paying child support, TMZ reports.

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The suit was reportedly filed by Erica Syion, a former Dallas stripper who mothered Adrian's now four-year-old son.

From TMZ:
We've learned Erica filed court docs, claiming Peterson failed to pay child support for three straight years, and also failed to reimburse her for their son's travel expenses and school tuition -- a bill that totaled $52,032.

There must have been some bad blood after that -- because Erica filed additional docs in July, asking the court to order Peterson not to trash talk her in front of their son, and not to hide their son from her.

But it was all resolved in September -- according to court docs, the two reached a settlement ... which included a bump in child support to $2,500 a month. Erica tells us, Adrian paid all his back child support as well as the other bills.
Syion, who says Adrian sometimes visits their son down in Texas, told TMZ her understanding is that Adrian has fathered a total of seven kids. A week ago, the public only knew about two of them.

Though TMZ cites court documents in its report, Syion took to Twitter to denied she ever filed a lawsuit.
-- Erica SYioN (@e_syion) October 17, 2013 Meanwhile, AP missed Vikings practice yesterday in order to travel to Sioux Falls and attend the funeral of Ty Doohen, his two-year-old son who died last week after allegedly being abused by his mother's new boyfriend.

Speaking to reporters today, Peterson said he's spent the week mainly "focused on trying to mourn and be there for his mother and take in the loss of my son. I haven't been able to focus on anything else outside of that."

Peterson said he learned he was Ty's father two months ago and planned to visit him before his tragic death.

"I was planning on seeing him and I had talked with his mom and had gotten some things together as far as financially helping her. Unfortunately, this situation took place and it's devastating," Peterson said. "A lot of people won't ever understand the sitaution that I am in, to see it the way I'm seeing the situation. It's tough, but I'm able to deal with that."

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