Adrian Peterson speeds past judge to keep drivers license

Peterson makes a deal to keep his drivers license
Peterson makes a deal to keep his drivers license
Screen shot via Digg

What kind of pull do you need to beat a speeding ticket and suspended drivers license in Edina? A multimillion dollar contract as the star running back for the Minnesota Vikings seems a good place to start.

Adrian Peterson made a lot of local and national headlines last December when he was clocked rocketing down Hwy 62 in his BMW at almost double the posted speed limit: 109 mph in a 55 mph zone.

According to state law, he should have had his license automatically suspended.

But it looks like he quietly made an end run around that rule with Hennepin County Judge Mary Steenson Dufresne by pleading guilty to an amended charge that reduced his speed to 99 mph.

In return, he'll serve 16 hours of community service at a children's hospital -- and keep his license.

Now, if we could just get him to show up for training camp on time...

Peterson's traffic stop made the Edina cop who pulled him over somewhat of a celebrity, after the officer was caught on his dash cam shaking Peterson's hand and wishing him good luck in the following day's game against the Bears.

It was also the most popular topic when Peterson sat down for a video interview with social media site Digg:

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