Adrian Peterson Reinstated By NFL, But Will He Play for Vikings?

The staring contest between AP and the Vikings just got real

The staring contest between AP and the Vikings just got real

Today the NFL officially reinstates Adrian Peterson after what basically amounted to a year-long suspension for beating his four-year-old son with a switch.

It was a long, embarrassing episode for everyone involved. The NFL looked completely incompetent while it made up disciplinary measures as the saga unfolded and the Vikings had no idea what to do either. First the team suspended him for a game, then it was ready to let him return to action, then it changed its mind and re-suspended him. See also: Report: Adrian Peterson's Agent Tells Vikings AP Will Never Play For Vikings Again

The only winners in the saga were the lawyers who racked up billable hours sorting the whole mess out. Luckily, that's all behind us, and now AP is free to return to action. But will he be seen in purple and gold again?

Over the last few months Peterson's new agent, Ben Dogra, has made it abundantly clear AP wants to play somewhere else. He got into a shouting match with a member of the Vikings front office at the NFL Draft combine and has consistently dogged the team in the press, ironically killing AP's trade value in the process.

Here's the latest jab, courtesy of the Associated Press:

"You make tough choices in life. We clearly understand he's under contract with the Vikings. After several discussions and much thought, I believe that it's not in his best interest to resume his career in Minnesota," Dogra said last month. "It might be best for all parties involved for him to resume his career elsewhere."


"They have not given us one compelling reason why it's in his best interest to remain as part of the Minnesota Vikings," Dogra said.

No compelling reasons. Unreal.

The Vikings, for what it's worth, aren't interested in playing Dogra's games. The team issued a terse statement yesterday after the NFL announced AP would be reinstated:

"The Minnesota Vikings have been informed by the NFL that Adrian Peterson has been reinstated. We look forward to Adrian re-joining the Vikings."

Peterson could make $250,000 if he shows up to offseason workouts in Minnesota and is under contract for $12.75 million next year.

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