Adrian Peterson puts most Eden Prairie house imaginable on the market



 Adrian Peterson played 10 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, and yet, it never really felt like the guy lived here.

He worked here. For the months of training camp, or when the NFL was in-season, Peterson lived a few minutes away from the Vikings' "Winter Park" headquarters in Eden Prairie. 

He spent his offseasons in a suburb of Houston, Texas, his hometown. (It was in Houston that Peterson did things like ride a camel on his birthday, or get arrested.) These annual stays fed the perennial rumors that Peterson someday wanted to play for the Dallas Cowboys or Houston Texans. 

Instead, the greatest running back in Vikings' history has recently signed with the New Orleans Saints, a warmer locale, to be sure, and one that leaves him much closer to the place that feels like home. 

TMZ reports that Peterson's finally shedding his last connection to Minnesota: His house, which recently hit the market on Zillow. Peterson's looking to sell the home for $695,000, a $30,000 increase over what he paid for it in 2007. 

Taking its best shots at both the English language and logic, TMZ says it "remains to be scene" if Peterson will buy in New Orleans, but his putting this place on the market means "the break up with Minnesota is real."

No, TMZ. The "break up" was real when the Vikings and Peterson made it obvious they had mutual apathy toward his coming back next year. 

If anything, looking at this house makes one wonder how "real" Peterson's fondness for Minnesota was. Take a good damn look at this place. Adrian Peterson made more than $90 million during his time with the Vikings, not counting his (many) endorsements. Does this look like that guy's "forever home"?

No. This house looks like it could belong to your dentist.

Like, here, here's one of its four bathrooms.

OK, sure. Here's one of five bedrooms.

Huh. Backyard?

Really? That's it? This is the greatest pure running back in the last 20 years, maybe the last great running back in the history of the NFL... and this was his backyard? 

Pretty much the only thing that event hints this place belongs to Adrian Peterson (aside from TMZ's spies) is the downstairs, with its purple walls and a big gold 'V' on the wall next to the pool table.

Sure. Even that, though, looks like it could be your (successful, perfectly nice) dentist's "man cave." 

Anyway. Buy Adrian Peterson's house if you want. It's probably one of the better deals in Eden Prairie, frankly. Backyard could use some work.