Adrian Peterson Jr. sure is a cute little guy [PHOTOS]

AP is a beast. His son, for now, is not.
AP is a beast. His son, for now, is not.

Adrian Peterson's son, Adrian Peterson Jr., has been hanging out this week at Vikings training camp in Mankato and sorry, Christian Ponder, but there's no way anybody else will look as cute wearing a Vikings helmet this season.

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But don't expect to see much of Little AP, who will be three in August, wearing football gear in coming years. Because this winter, Big AP said his boy "won't be playing football."

Really, AP? But as this photo from yesterday demonstrates, the little guy's form already looks so good!

Finally, here's a shot of Big and Little AP sharing a smooch:

That's adorable, but please, AP, don't go soft on us. Speaking for all Vikings fans, it was a lot of fun to watch you slap little kids in the face following TD runs last season, and we want more of the same this year.

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