Adrian Peterson had a hernia for much of his MVP season

Sports hernias are apparently no match for AP's beastmode.
Sports hernias are apparently no match for AP's beastmode.

Just when you thought Adrian Peterson couldn't possibly be any beastlier comes news that he played through a sports hernia for a good chunk of his MVP season.

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Today, the Vikings announced that AP had "successful" surgery to repair his "abdominal core injury." The team "expects a speedy recovery with no long-term concerns," according to a statement published on the Vikings' Twitter page.

ESPN's Kevin Seifert places the news in its remarkable context:

In mid-December, the Minnesota Vikings began listing tailback Adrian Peterson on their injury report because of an "abdomen" ailment. In the four games that followed, including a wild-card playoff game, Peterson participated in 77 percent of the team's offensive snaps and rushed for a total of 596 yards en route to winning the NFL's MVP award...

This news adds another layer to what is already a legendary event. We already knew that Peterson's historic season came within a 13-month span of tearing two ligaments in his left knee. Now we know he played at least a quarter of his 17 games with an injury that usually requires in-season surgery.

At least two NFC North players encountered similar troubles and neither were able to play through it. Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings and Vikings guard Geoff Schwartz both had surgery shortly after their injuries.

Former NFL offensive lineman and podcast host Ross Tucker is also blown away:

Considering how unbelievable AP's string of performances at the end of the season was, think about what he might've been able to do if he wasn't injured! (And why in God's name did he play in the meaningless Pro Bowl with a hernia?!)

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