Adrian Peterson doesn't look "heavily intoxicated" in his mugshot [PHOTO]

After he was arrested early Saturday morning for resisting arrest at Houston's Live! at Bayou Place, TMZ reported that Vikings superstar running back Adrian Peterson was "heavily intoxicated... which was very out of character."

Today, Peterson's mugshot was released, and we gotta say... he doesn't look heavily intoxicated in the photo.

Maybe the experience of being hauled to jail in handcuffs sobered him up a little bit. In any event, Daniel Maher, general manager at Live! at Bayou Place, told TMZ that while Peterson had been spotted at the club before Friday night, he had never been known to drink much. "Friday night, however, Maher said Peterson was very drunk and was a difficult customer all night," TMZ wrote.

Maher told TMZ that once cops finally subdued the initially belligerent Peterson, AP apologized for his behavior and told cops he doesn't usually drink.

Without further ado, here's the mug:

Adrian Peterson doesn't look "heavily intoxicated" in his mugshot [PHOTO]

Peterson's first court appearance is scheduled for this Friday. In the meantime, he's defending himself via Winston Churchill quotes on Twitter:

Churchill was only partially right. In today's social media age, a lie can get all the way around the world before the truth emerges. Once AP's resisting arrest case begins to work its way through Texas courts, we'll see if Houston police and Maher are only telling part of the story.

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