Adrian Peterson busted again for speeding

Adrian Peterson, speeder.

Adrian Peterson, speeder.

Something about the Chicago Bears brings out the lead foot in running back Adrian Peterson.

On Monday, the day after the Chicago Bears crushed the visiting Vikings 27-13, be was busted for speeding near the team's training facility at Winter Park.


Guess he couldn't get away fast enough. Eden Prairie police ticketed him for going 53 mph in a 35 mph zone.

Last year, Peterson was clocked doing 109 by an Edina cop on Hwy 62 in his BMW, the day before the Vikings beat the Bears 36-10.

Peterson should have had his license automatically suspended for that 2009 incident, but he held on to it by pleading guilty to an amended charge that reduced his speed to 99 mph.

We'll see if some fancy lawyering gets him off the hook this time.